MEG Pipeline

In 2013, SITE was contracted to deliver environmentally-sound site access and pipeline infrastructure to support the development of many in situ oil recovery projects near Conklin in northeast Alberta.  The in situ project is being developed to produce and move 210,000 barrels of oil per day.

The projects are located in an undisturbed area of the province that is shrouded in dense Boreal Forest and, in the winter months, harsh climate. 

SITE was contracted to prepare the site access, including clearing using mulching, installing matting and creating a smooth and high-traffic roadway, and then integrate small and large diameter pipeline.

Location:       Conklin, AB
Services:       Civil
Clearing, Slashing, Logging & Mulching
Project Value:       Over $10 million
Project Timeframe:       October 2012-October 2013
Major Quantities:       6000m above ground pipelne - 3 km below ground pipeline

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