SITE offers a host of custom solutions that support the ever-increasing commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development.

We take immense pride in being first-to-market with proven environmental technologies implemented throughout our services, from our access and infrastructure to remediation and reclamation and drilling services.

In addition to our innovative services, our knowledge of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the Bakken formation, our long list of privately owned and well-maintained equipment, and our plentiful earthworks and project management experience make SITE an ideal environmental service provider.

You can count on SITE to deliver optimal on-time and on-budget environmental options for:

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SITE is a fully-integrated energy services company that provides exceptional environmental, infrastructure and access services for oil, gas and resource development companies.

SITE has the knowledge, the experience, the people, and the dedication to consistently deliver exceptional quality management and assurance with every project. Some of these regions include the northern oil sands, the Interior Plains, the Boreal forest and the Bakken formation of North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


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