SITE has a wealth of experience in pipeline, plant and facility construction with services that emphasize:

Small and Large Diameter Pipelines

SITE has extensive experience and expertise in constructing above and below-ground pipelines, in both small and large diameters. Our pipeline construction varies from two inches to 32 inches

Steam Lines

SITE is able to deliver the special requirements for the construction of steam distribution piping for oilfield projects, including Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage and Cyclic Steam Stimulation operations.  


SITE can expertly install and repair HDPE pipe; the pipe is highly resistant to exterior and interior pressures, is more resistant to corrosion than steel, and overall, lasts longer than traditional pipe.

Flow Lines

SITE has an impeccable completion and safety record installing flow lines to move natural gas, emulsion, crude oil, and salt water to nearby storage tanks, transmission compressor stations or processing plant booster stations. 

Plant site and Facility Pipelines

SITE partners with leading oil and gas companies to build plant site and facility pipelines.

Municipal Pipelines

SITE partners with municipalities, including Fort McMurray in northern Alberta and Kamsak Keeseekoose in Saskatchewan, to build much-needed pipeline infrastructure that ensures communities have access to a clean, safe water supply. 

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SITE is a fully-integrated energy services company that provides exceptional environmental, infrastructure and access services for oil, gas and resource development companies.

SITE has the knowledge, the experience, the people, and the dedication to consistently deliver exceptional quality management and assurance with every project. Some of these regions include the northern oil sands, the Interior Plains, the Boreal forest and the Bakken formation of North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


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