From access road construction for the oil and gas industry to water mains and highways for growing communities, SITE has the equipment and manpower on hand to get a quick start on projects and ensure tight timelines are met for:


SITE has exceptional knowledge of northern climates to deliver on any size of earthworks project. Our fleet of heavy equipment, including loaders, graders, bulldozers, backhoes, excavators and production trucks, establishes SITE as the optimum service-provider for grading, fortification, excavation, mass hauling and backfilling work.  

Road & Highway

SITE has the expertise and equipment to tackle any size roadway project, from access roads for energy projects to major highways. We have 25 aggregate pit locations to ensure that SITE is prepared to tackle every job.


With SITE, clients can count on having one provider to take a lease through its entire life cycle, from clearing the site and building roads to clean up and reclamation. 

Site Preparation

Every aspect of oilfield construction is taken care of on time and on budget by SITE’s exceptional team of professionals. We have the people and the equipment in place to prepare wellsites; construct lease roads and pits; and complete excavation, grading, borrow pits and lease reclamation. 

Trench Ploughing

SITE has an extensive fleet of equipment available for trench ploughing to accommodate composite pipeline and electrical cable installations. 


SITE owns and operates 25 aggregate pit locations throughout Western Canada to meet customer specifications and ensure every delivery is on time and of top quality. 

Fencing & Gates

Often natural resources development work requires either temporary or long-term restricted access to certain locations. SITE offers low impact and effective fencing, containment and gate options to restrict access for safety, environmental or privacy needs.  

SAGD Central Plant Facilities

SITE has successfully facilitated and completed a number of large-scale SAGD Central Plant Facility construction projects.

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SITE is a fully-integrated energy services company that provides exceptional environmental, infrastructure and access services for oil, gas and resource development companies.

SITE has the knowledge, the experience, the people, and the dedication to consistently deliver exceptional quality management and assurance with every project. Some of these regions include the northern oil sands, the Interior Plains, the Boreal forest and the Bakken formation of North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


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