Site Preparation/Pond Construction

In 2011, SITE started the groundwork for a large construction project known as the Lynton Station in Fort McMurray.

The scope of work started with the stripping and stockpiling of all topsoil and unsuitable materials. Then a concrete slab was added and a tank base constructed on the prepared site. In addition, SITE successfully completed the following:

  • Construction of site roads, trench ploughing, drainage ditches and culverts;
  • Construction of road/containment berms around the pump station;
  • Excavation of the containment pond.
Location:       Fort McMurray, AB
Services:       Civil
Clearing, Slashing, Logging & Mulching
Remediation & Reclamation
Project Value:       Over $10 million
Project Timeframe:       Ongoing
Major Quantities:       400,000 m3

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